Downtown Streets Team Hayward Advisory Council Application
Fill out the questionnaire below to apply for membership on the DST Hayward Advisory Council. For information about Downtown Streets Team and the role of our Hayward Advisory Council visit
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What motivates you to be a member of the DST Hayward Community Advisory Council? *
What skills or qualifications do you possess that can help the Council successfully accomplish its primary responsibilities including funds development and program development? *
The DST Hayward Community Advisory Council recognizes that ending homelessness requires promoting our mission and securing resources through the community; especially through influential individuals, organizations or corporations that can help provide those resources. Can you help us in that regard and how? *
The Council has an expectation that members have an interest in leadership succession. It is expected that members eventually evolve into Council leadership roles (Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, subcommittee chair). In time, would you be willing to accept a leadership role on the Council? *
Can you commit to the time for preparing for and attending Council and committee meetings (about three hours a month, depending on your position on the Council) and participating in fundraising events? *
Do you have any interests or involvement in organizations or activities that could be perceived as a conflict in carrying out your responsibilities as a Council member? *
The Council typically sets an example for other donors when it comes to giving. Are you willing to give an annual amount “significant to you?” *
Is there anything else you'd like to add?
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