Trails Youth Initiatives Assistance Fund Application
Application Criteria:

Applicants must be ‘Trailers’: in Year 1-4, Year 5 Leader-in-Training, Year 6 Facilitator-in-Training, a current mentee in Alumni In Mentorship, and/or a graduate of Trails. The applicant is in financial need and can not afford the resource requested without aid. Participants must attend Trails regularly, and/or are active participants. Participants must attend school regularly and be passing all courses or actively pursuing further education (this requirement is to help motivate the student. If they aren’t passing due to issues with transportation, needing a tutor etc. they will still be considered as per Trails discretion).

The Trails Assistance Fund is managed by the Director of Youth Development. The Director of Youth Development is responsible for fund awareness to the community, collecting and reviewing applications and the approval and amount of funding. Funds will be payable directly to the person/company/agency providing the goods or services. There is flexibility in the amount of dollars awarded to each applicant based on their need and the situation. The max amount per year one recipient receives is $1,000. If you have questions about your application please feel free to contact the Director of Youth Development at

If selected, applicants will be expected to:

1. Continue to attend school and/or Trails regularly
2. Send a thank you card/letter to the bursary fund donor(s)
3. Check-in with Trails throughout the funding period to set funding terms if needed and provide an update on academic progress, achievement, etc.
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Requested Equipment/Service
*Applications must be accompanied by a quote from the equipment/service provider that states the total cost of the equipment/service to be provided, and the amount that will be paid by the family (if any). If approved, an invoice must be provided to Trails Youth Initiatives.
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