"eCheese Zone" Hosting Form
Cowabunga cheese freaks! Are you interested in reviewing the eCheese Zone? Or are you an eCheese superfan simply hungry for more eCheese action? Regardless of why, if you want to host the eCheese Zone, this is the form for you!

As of now, the game isn't ready for hosting, BUT once it is (and if you fill out this form), we'll be in touch!

We want to give everyone the chance to host and participate in the eCheese Zone, but in the meantime, we'd love to pick your brain about your past eCheese experiences and how you plan to play the eCheese Zone.

And once the game is ready, we'll reach out to you!
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What is your name? *
Where did you first hear about the eCheese Zone? *
Have you played the eCheese Zone before? If so, where? *
How many people do you plan to play the eCheese Zone with? *
Would you host it as a private or a public event? *
What time of day would you plan on playing the eCheese Zone? *
What general age do you expect your eCheese players to be? *
How do you plan to display the eCheese Zone? (ex: space size, display format - monitor, projector, or such.) *
Are you hosting for yourself or as part of a larger organization? If so, what organization? (ex: if you're affiliated with a press site, a co-op workspace, a game bar, or an art venue) *
Do you (or your organization) have any social media accounts? If so, what are they?
Are you an eCheese superfan? *
Why all these questions?
These questions help us understand the general atmosphere of the eCheese Zone and help us gauge how people would like to experience the game. While valuable to us, if any of these questions make you uncomfortable, please reach out to us at SeeminglyPointless [at] gmail [dot] com and we can discuss alternatives to this form. Thank you, and stay cheesy!
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