DS 2019 post-event survey
The organizers of DS 2019: 22nd International Conference on Discovery Science in Split, Croatia would be very grateful if you could reply to the following questions. Your answers will contribute to the quality management and the evaluation of the relevance of the work of the Discovery Science (DS) conference.

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Would you attend if the conference takes place in Australia, Canada orJapan? *
Would you recommend to your colleagues to attend the conference next year in Thessaloniki? *
Would you attend the conference if it was organized on a remote island? *
What did you like most about this conference? *
What would you like to see at other editions of this conference (that we didn't have here): *
If the conference has tutorials, what topics should they be on? *
What size should the conference be? *
What topics (not covered so far) should the conference welcome? *
If you have any other comment/feedback that you would like to share with us, please enter it here. *
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