Student Information Survey, Spring 2016
In order for me to be able to best communicate with and assist my students during the course, it's helpful if I can gather some basic information at the beginning. Please take the time to fill out the following form with the best, most up-to-date information you can provide. Thanks!
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Student's First Name *
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Name Student Prefers to Be Called *
If you think it might be useful, indicate how to pronounce your name. ("Rhymes with X," etc.) I will do my absolute best to get your name right, even if it takes me a while.
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Student's Email Address *
Please provide the most up-to-date email address you have. I will expect to be able to reliably contact you at this address. Magnet students, I will expect to communicate with you through your Magnet accounts.
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What class period do you have AP World History? *
If your schedule changes later, don't worry about it. I will update my spreadsheet if I need to.
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