2020-21 Silver Creek Staff Grant Request Application
Please use this form to submit grant requests to the Silver Creek Education Foundation. Our goal is to be able to help bridge the gap between what the district and school budget can provide and what our staff and students need, as well as funding enriched educational experiences. We will review all applications at our monthly Board meetings, which are held on the 2nd Wednesday of every month. For review at the meeting, please submit by the Friday prior. Meeting dates can be found on our website. We will provide you with a response within 1 week after the meeting. To reach the Board directly, please email: schsedfoundation@gmail.com.
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Department *
Class/Grade *
Requesting funding for (please be specific - what will the money be used for, how many students or staff will this impact, etc...) *
Objective/expected outcomes as a result of this request being funded *
Budget/requested amount (please be as specific as possible and include the vendor and any shipping fees, if applicable.) *
Is this a one time need or will ongoing funding be needed? *
If ongoing, will you have funding for this in the future from another source or will there be a continuous need for funding from SCEF?
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Will you be receiving additional funding for this request from any other sources (district, school, etc..)? (If yes, please explain) *We kindly ask that you please use funds from your district or department budgets to the maximum extent possible prior to submitting a request to the SCEF. *
Is there any additional information that you want the Board to consider when reviewing this request?
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