Interest in a print version of Everything curl
This form went live on May 10, 2017. It will stay up for a few weeks, mostly depending on the level of shown interest.

We printed a very limited first edition of the book and those copies have now all been handed out to readers. We want to see how big the interest is in a second edition so this form is here for this purpose. Should we make another edition?

The first edition was a 232 page professionally-printed and bound softcover book. The second is likely to be very similar if not the very same. See the photo below of a copy.

The price was 20 Euros including international shipping and we think the second edition should not get more expensive.

NOTE: the book contents is taken from the git repo a while ago. This is not the final version of the book (if we ever get to one).

By entering your name and email here, you signal your strong and sincere interest in purchasing a print version of the book "Everything curl". The contact information you provide here will be used *exclusively* and *only* for the purpose of informing you when the opportunity arises and will then be deleted.

Everything curl, the first edition
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