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Outreach Assistant Job Description

Job Overview:

As our enthusiastic Outreach Assistant (OA), you'll be the heart of our volunteer-based team, driving impactful outreach activities, managing seamless communication, and supporting financial assistance initiatives. This part-time role, requiring 15 hours per week, focuses on event engagement, efficient database management, and driving successful fundraising efforts. As a hybrid position, we're looking for someone vibrant and committed to making a difference in the lives of unhoused women, based in the lively community of Charlotte.

Job Tasks:

  • Meeting Mastery:

    • Take lively and accurate meeting minutes during outreach events.

    • Share meeting highlights promptly in an email to stakeholders, ensuring everyone is in the loop.

    • Be the maestro behind storing all crucial documentation in a central space for easy access.

    • Craft accurate and engaging meeting minutes sent to stakeholders within 12 hours of the meeting.

  • Communication Extraordinaire:

    • Foster seamless communication between partners and our organization.

    • Collaborate closely with the Executive Director, Secretary and Treasurer, ensuring effective correspondence and providing support when needed.

    • Foster timely and effective correspondence between the Treasurer and Secretary, meeting at least once a week.

    • Take the lead in reaching out to potential partners and new businesses, spreading the warmth of our cause.

    • Actively participate and contribute to the success of events, providing clear and organized data sheets tracking participants and financial contributions.

  • Data Dynamo:

    • Keep our database up-to-date with the collected data.

    • Add contacts to Mailchimp for targeted and engaging communication.

    • Maintain an updated and easily accessible database, ensuring clarity for all board and new members.

    • Manage donation collections during in-person events, keeping a real-time track and reporting to the Treasurer.

  • Monthly Audits and Fundraising Feats:

    • Conduct monthly audits of outreach services, presenting insights and recommendations.

    • Deliver prompt and consistent on the 30th of every month of a financial audit reports, collaborating with the Treasurer and offering actionable insights.

    • Be the driving force behind fundraising initiatives, ensuring the sustainability of our services.


  • A heart for serving the homeless and unhoused communities. 

  • Previous experience in outreach or administrative roles is a bonus.

  • Showcase your reliability in money management and basic math skills.

  • Exhibit strong organizational and multitasking prowess.

  • Radiate excellent communication and interpersonal abilities.

  • Be a people person, making everyone, especially our unhoused neighbors, feel comfortable and welcomed.

  • Display intermediate knowledge of tools like Mailchimp and Google Suites for seamless data entry.

  • Embrace self-motivation and the ability to work independently.

  • Bring familiarity with fundraising strategies and event coordination.

  • Charlotte-based, ready to embrace and contribute to the vibrant local community and reliable transportation. 

Event Coordinator Job Description

Job Overview:

Join us as the vibrant heartbeat of our team! As the Event Coordinator, you'll play a pivotal role in orchestrating seamless events, creating unforgettable experiences for both our unhoused neighbors and dedicated supporters. This volunteer based, part-time opportunity, requiring 15 hours per week, invites you to immerse yourself in the world of event coordination, from setup to take down. Based in the lively community of Charlotte, you'll collaborate with a passionate team committed to making a meaningful impact.

Job Tasks:

  • Event Maestro

    • Set the stage for unforgettable events with precision and enthusiasm.

    • Collaborate closely with the Founder and Operations Manager to ensure flawless execution of all event logistics.

    • Successfully set up and took down events, creating a positive and organized atmosphere that amplifies the brand and mission of SBO by following the SBO event guidelines.

  • Intake Forms Conductor

    • Manage intake forms during events, ensuring meticulous documentation.

    • Work in harmony with the Outreach Assistant and Founder to account for all event documentation.

    • Accurate and well-managed intake forms during events, contributing to organized documentation with attention to detail. 

  • Supplies & Experience Guru:

    • Take the lead in crafting self-care bags and other impactful take-home items for our participants that leave a lasting positive impression.

    • Efficient coordination and management of event supplies, with detailed plans to delegate tasks to day-of volunteers.

    • Maintain an on-site inventory record to guarantee supplies are ready for the next event.

    • Coordinate and manage event supplies, acting as a runner with the support of the Founder and day-of volunteers.

  • Brand Enthusiast and People Person

    • Infuse every event with excitement and passion for our brand.

    • Be the friendly face, engaging participants and creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

    • Take the initiative to elevate the overall event experience.


  • Previous experience in event coordination is a plus.

  • Flexibility and availability for 15 hours per week, including event hours.

  • Proficiency in efficiently setting up and taking down event spaces.

  • Detail-oriented with the ability to manage intake forms accurately.

  • Showcase creativity in packaging event giveaways for a positive participant experience.

  • Excellent coordination and management skills for event supplies.

  • Enthusiastic about our brand and ready to embody its values.

  • Effective delegation skills and a collaborative team player.

  • A natural people person, creating a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for everyone, especially our unhoused neighbors.

  • Proactive and ready to take initiative to enhance the overall event experience.

  • Charlotte-based, ready to embrace and contribute to the vibrant local community and reliable transportation.

Marketing Assistant Job Description

Job Overview:

Embark on a thrilling journey as our Marketing Assistant, shaping the narrative of our brand and creating engaging content for our community. This volunteer based, part-time opportunity, requiring 15 hours per week, invites you to dive into the world of marketing, events, and social media. Based in the vibrant community of Charlotte, you'll be at the forefront of capturing our brand's essence and sharing it with the world.

Job Tasks:

  • Engagement Extraordinaire:

    • Attending SBO events in Charlotte act as a content capture and post in live time. 

    • Interact with our community, fostering engagement and building connections.

    • Assist with live events on Instagram, bringing our brand to life in real-time.

  • Content Curator and Creator:

    • Capture compelling video and images at events, showcasing our brand on Instagram.

    • Utilize basic editing skills to bring captured content to life.

    • Team player and ability to accept constructive feedback from Founder & Operations Manager 

  • Social Media Maven:

    • Maintain and post regularly on our social media platforms using apps and softwares like Later, Hootsuite, ChatGPT, etc. with 3-4 post a week.

    • Create content planning alongside Founder & Operations Manager to fit brand aesthetic and ensure that the mission is clearly communicated.

    • Create and manage a social schedule to ensure consistent and engaging content.

    • Showcase your copywriting skills to craft captivating captions and posts.

    • Actively engage with the community, fostering connections and building brand loyalty.

    • Assist in the execution of live events on Instagram, creating an immersive brand experience.

  • Newsletter Ninja:  

    • Work closely with Operations Manager to contribute to the creation and execution of newsletters, keeping our audience informed and engaged using Flodesk/Mailchimp. 

  • Collaborative Creative Contributor:  

    • Work closely with the Operations Manager and Founder to ensure creative decisions align with the brand's vision.

    • Bring your initiative to the forefront, actively contributing ideas and strategies to enhance our marketing efforts.

    • Contribute creative ideas and strategies that align with the brand's vision, working closely with the Operations Manager and Founder.


  • Interest in social media and content creation is essential. 3-5 years of experience preferred. 

  • Ability to consistently commit 15 hours per week, including event hours.

  • Proficient in capturing content (video and images) with basic editing skills.

  • Demonstrated ability to maintain and post consistently on social media platforms.

  • Copywriting skills to craft engaging and on-brand content.

  • Enthusiastic about our brand and ready to embody its values.

  • A natural people person, excited to engage with the community and showcase our brand.

  • Proven consistency and ability to provide proof of past work.

  • Willingness to take initiative and actively contribute to creative decision-making.

  • Collaborative spirit, working closely with the Operations Manager and Founder to align creative decisions with the brand's vision.

  • Charlotte-based, ready to embrace and contribute to the vibrant local community and reliable transportation. 

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