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This form is for folks who have not volunteered with People's Kitchen Collective before. If you have volunteered with us in the past, please email Community Engagement Coordinator, Laurel Fujii, at laurel@peopleskitchencollective.com.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for the STREETS! event in May 2018 presented by People's Kitchen Collective in partnership with AIR-SF.

We are currently recruiting volunteers to support our fourth and final meal of a four meal series: From the FARM to the KITCHEN to the TABLE to the STREETS!. This last meal in the series, STREETS!, is dedicated to the powerful history, dynamic present, and collective future of our Oakland communities. Held in West Oakland, the STREETS! is about celebrating community.

The STREETS! will be a seated meal for 500 people from the Magnolia and 28th Street neighborhood and community based organizations in service of our communities. We will need the help of many volunteers and we are excited to learn more about you and your interest in supporting this meal and serving our guests. Although we welcome applications from everyone, we cannot host everyone as volunteers and we appreciate your understanding. If we feel that you will be a good fit for this event, we will contact you with the next volunteer intake steps.

If you are confirmed as a volunteer you will need to attend one volunteer orientation session held Sunday, May 6th or 12th 3-5PM or Monday, May 7th 6-8PM. Please hold one of these dates in your calendar!

The following is part of our Solidarity Statement:

What we hunger and thirst for is our shared liberation. We will feed one another before feeding into the colonizing and oppressive systems that are at the very core of our globalized world. As a collective that centers the lived experience of Black and brown peoples, we stand at the fire and stir up change, dedicated to eliminating all structures of racism, sexism, imperialism, and classism. The rules at our table are justice, equity, and freedom.

We deny the blatant inequities of incarceration and the prison industrial complex and call for its abolition. When we say Black Lives Matter we mean BLACK LIVES MATTER. We believe in a free Palestine and fight for an end to zionism and apartheid. The xenophobic tyranny that undocumented, Muslim, and Arab peoples are experiencing has no seat at our table. We embrace all gender identities and sexualities as fluid, sacred, and protected truths. Our collective self determination relies on us gathering together to unapologetically share our stories without fear or retribution. We are here for us. All Power to the People!

For additional information about our work, please visit peopleskitchencollective.com

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