Registration Form for MAKER PARTY FOR TTB IN ASIA vol.2
Thank you for your interesting in the workshop MAKER PARTY for "Teachers-To-Be" in Asia vol.2.
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*This workshop is a 2-day workshop and participation in both days is required.

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Q3. What do you use ICT for in daily life? (Check all applicable answers) *
Q4. What tools have you used before? (Check all applicable answers) *
Q5. Do you communicate with foreigners in your daily life? *
Q6. Regarding your answer in Q5, how does this communication with foreigners happen?
Q7. What is your English proficiency level in the tasks below? *
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2 (poor)
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5 (excellent)
Listening and Comprehension (lectures, seminars, etc)
Making presentations
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(Or what age range would you like to teach in the future?)
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*If you have the required technical environment to participate, you can connect from it.In that case, please choose "Others", and then, send the details following a proposal on the workshop website to "".
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