SJAA Messier Half Marathon, Fall 2012 Signup
Date: Saturday October 13, 2012
Time: 6pm - midnight
Place: Henry Coe Park, overflow parking lot. (East of Morgan Hill)

This is a social, beginner friendly event with the goal to find roughly 50 Messier Objects in four hours.

This event is intended for observers who are familiar with their equipment and have at least some knowledge of the night sky. Participants are expected to know basic star-hopping and should have their own star atlas, printed and/or electronic, that is sufficiently detailed to find Messier Objects.

GoTo scopes are certainly welcome, but consider this as a great opportunity to not use the GoTo capabilities and rely just on your own wit. You'll sharpen your observing skills and knowledge of the night sky.

And binoculars are welcome, too.  Even with these you'll be able to see a good number.  Keep in mind that the hunt is just as important as any image you can see through any telescope. (Be sure to have a mount and tripod, though.  Viewing is too unsteady and tiring without.)

An observing list/schedule and other details will be emailed.

An $8 use fee per vehicle for Henry Coe Park is *REQUIRED* upon arrival.

Please enter your info below. Each driver must sign up separately. Note that only the first three items below are required. Your email address will be used only in connection with this event.

If you're a beginner wanting help or a veteran observer willing to give help, please see the bottom portion of this webpage.

See you at Coe!

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