Returning to Church Survey
As you may already be aware, the Gainesville Seventh-day Adventist Church has approved a plan for returning to public worship services. In this plan, certain conditions must be met in order to consider the return that includes, but is not limited to, a consistent downward trend of COVID-19 infections in Hall County, GA. If you have not read the plan, it can be viewed online at

In addition to our plan, we want to get a better feel for what your thoughts are about returning. Our initial thought is that we would have 2-3 abbreviated services (limited to about 40 people) to start, but it all depends on how many of our members plan on going back right away. We will continue to offer live stream services for those who may not be ready to return to a public service just yet.

Thank you for your participation, your input will help us plan for our reopening.

Josh Dobson
Communications Director
Gainesville Seventh-day Adventist Church
What is your name? *
As local governments begin to lift bans on larger public gatherings, which of the following best describes your attitude toward returning to a worship service at church? *
What other type of activity BEST signals to you that it is time to open in-person worship at the church? *
Would you be okay if we had to check every person's temperature as they entered the building?
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If wearing a mask or face covering (fully covering nose and mouth) is a requirement to attend worship services, would you be okay with this? *
Would you be willing to attend worship services at a different time that you typically would to allow people to spread out more? *
What type of precaution should be our top priority for worship gatherings? *
Do you expect the church to offer Sabbath School as we resume? *
As soon as we receive clearance for public gatherings from our local officials, which of the following would you prefer for our church? *
When we resume public services (we are anticipating sometime in July), how many people from your household will be attending? *
If you plan on returning right away, are you willing to actively participate in the service? *
Do you have any comments or concerns?
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