ISSP Survey COVID-19 and Pain Practice
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1. How would you describe your pain practice? *
2. Is your pain practice affected by Covid-19 pandemic? *
3. Did you deliberately stop providing out-patient pain consultation of elective, non-emergent patients in your clinic during Covid-19 pandemic? *
4. What was the reason for stopping out-patient pain consultation during Covid-19 pandemic?
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5. Compared to pre-COVID, what is the volume of patients you were seeing in Covid-19 time? *
6. As a physician, do you consider yourself to be at “high-risk” of developing serious illness from Covid-19? *
7. Were you taking any precautions to avoid contracting or spreading Covid-19 infection? *
8. What type of precautions did you take to prevent contracting or spreading Covid-19 infection? *
9. What kind of impact did Covid-19 had on your health? *
10. What was your top concern during Covid-19 pandemic? *
11. Did you experience financial hardship because of Covid-19? *
12. How did you provide consult to patients during Covid-19 pandemic? *
13. Did you provide e-consult or TeleHealth services as an alternative to needy patients? *
14. During Covid-19 practice, what percentage of your practice was e-consult or TeleHealth? *
15. Did you like the TeleHealth consultation concept? *
16. Were the patients satisfied with TeleHealth consultation? *
17. What TeleHealth consultation modality did you follow? (Select as many) *
18. In your opinion, do you think TeleHealth consultation can be an effective and alternative modality compared to in-person consult in future public health emergencies? *
19. Did the patients pay for TeleHealth consults (either to the hospital or physician)? *
20. During COVID-19 pandemic, by what percentage did your interventional procedures decrease? *
21. Did your patients (both cancer and non-cancer pain) on opioid medications face difficulty in getting their opioid medications refilled during Covid-19 pandemic? *
22. What was your strategy for steroid use for interventional pain procedures? (perineural/epidural/intra-articular) *
23. Did you feel lack of guidelines or consensus statement towards pain management from Pain societies? *
24. What additional protective gears did you use for Interventional procedures? *
25. For patients needing interventional procedure for pain relief, did you get Covid test done before doing the procedure? *
26. Did you screen patients using a COVID-19 checklist before giving them an appointment to come for a procedure? *
27. Are you better prepared to deal with similar health crisis in future? *
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