CSR Research Survey
Dear Respondent,

This questionnaire has been designed with a sole interest in finding out what you, as respondent, think about corporate social responsibility (CSR). Each question requires you to give your opinion by placing a tick in a box. This is not a test, so there are no right or wrong answers. Instead the researcher is very interested in finding out your own opinions on CSR. The information you provide will remain anonymous and confidential to the research team, so please do not write your name on the questionnaire. By completing and returning this questionnaire, you will have shown your agreement to it being used for the purpose of this project.

The results of this research will be used for academic and professional publications or presentations. Information about Corporate Social Responsibility or a summary of the findings of this study will also be made available to all participants if you request it.

Thank you.


I. Basic Information
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Part 1. Knowledge and/or Understanding of Corporate Social Responsibility
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