Inter-Culture-All 2 Application Form: DUE FEBRUARY 20TH
The main aim of this Erasmus+ co-founded youth exchange is to raise young people's awareness of cultural diversity and equip them with the basic cross-cultural and critical thinking competences (knowledge, skills and
attitudes) needed to understand and respect cultural and religious diversity, as well as be successful in the globally-connected job marketplace of the future.

- Residents or citizens of Germany, Jordan, Spain, Lebanon, or Italy
- Youth between 18-30 years old (except for the group leader of each national group, for whom there is no age limit)
- High motivation and interest in the topic of cross-cultural competency
- Motivation and willingness to implement future activities/events in their own communities back at home after the youth exchange
- Can speak English well enough to allow for smooth communication, and be willing and committed to actively participate in ALL sessions.
- It is preferable if at least one member from each international team has some kind of photography or film experience, however professional video-making experience is not required.

Please read the infopack carefully before you apply!

For further questions about the project, contact us at or contact your local sending organization directly:

JORDAN - Support Youth Leaders - Ayat Qutaishat -


SPAIN - Ticket2Europe - Romy Solomon -

LEBANON - Youth Development Organization (YDO) - Liiwa Almohtar -

ITALY - L'Arca del Blues - Antonio Greco -

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