1-1 Performance Nutrition Coaching
We're excited about your interest in working with our sports dietitians to enhance your performance! This form is meant for those serious about 1-1 nutrition coaching and willing to commit to at least a 3 month program. Please include as many details as possible so that we can learn more about you. We'll follow up with an individualized proposal for your program length and number of sessions. If you don't hear from us within 48 business hours, be sure we didn't land in your spam folder (dietitians@studentathletenutrition.com).
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If you've attempted to improve your nutrition or reach the above goals before, what approaches have you taken? Have you followed any diets or programs, and if so, which? For example: keto, low carb, macro counting, fasting, etc.
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Please list your general availability to meet with a sports dietitian. Rather than specific dates, include days of the week/weekend as well as blocks of time, including your time zone.
Nutrition is part of your training. Working with a sports dietitian requires commitment not only in your meetings and check-ins, but also as you apply what you learn to your daily life. Are you willing to make this commitment?
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