Project Borealis - DevOps
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Project Borealis is looking for a dedicated and skilled DevOps engineer with potential additional sysadmin and web development experience to join our DevOps team. You will be responsible for supporting technical projects and workflows, working with the programming team to manage our source control repositories, as well as assisting the PR team with maintenance and updates to the project website. We’re looking for someone with broad knowledge of these areas .

Your responsibilities will include:
● Maintaining our server and development infrastructure to be on the leading edge of best practice and new technologies
● Managing GitHub Actions workflows to automate development processes and maintain CI builds/tests
● Assisting with programming and production level efforts to support the team through new processes
● Designing innovative and helpful services to support and augment our remote studio development
● Assisting the PR team with developing and maintaining the project website

Skill Requirements
● Experience with programming languages like C++, C#, Go, Python and JavaScript
● Familiarity with Unreal Engine and its build process
● Understanding of modern web frameworks and tooling
● Sysadmin experience, particularly with Linux, but Windows is a plus
● Knowledge of Git internal processes and modern Git (Scalar, sparse checkout, LFS, etc)
● Experience with modern CI platforms, like CircleCI, GitHub Actions (preferred), and Azure Pipelines
● Knowledge of Google Cloud (or similar services), and CloudFlare
● Experience with static site development and deployment
● Broad knowledge of the GitHub platform
Project Requirements
● A proactive, problem-solving mindset
● The ability to give and take constructive criticism
● The ability to handle multiple assignments at once while staying organized
● A passion for the Half-Life universe and games
Additional Skills
● Familiarity with the Unreal Automation Tool or Gauntlet, for test frameworks
● Prior usage of the GitHub API is a plus
● Knowledge of CloudFlare Functions (or similar serverless infrastructure)
● In-depth understanding of the Unreal Engine toolchain
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