CYcoin YouTube Subscribe
Through this campaign, participants can be rewarded with ETH for subscribing to Metahash's YouTube Channel

Memes must at least make an attempt to be original and on topic.
1. You must have your subscriptions set to public on YouTube
2. You must submit proof based on the steps below.
3. Your ETH address used for applying must also be in your channel's description so it can be verified.
4. You must provide proof of your subscription.
What's your username on *
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What's your profile link? *
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How to get proof?
Take a screenshot of your computer AFTER pressing the subscription button on YouTube (by pressing the prtscr button on your keyboard).
Submit screenshots to Imgur by going to and pressing Ctrl+v, copy the link of the page you're redirected to.
Link to screenshot with your account subscribed to the channel. *
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ETH address *
Only token compatible ETH addresses!
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