Promise Venture Studio Early Childhood Philanthropist & Investor Need-finding Survey
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Promise Venture studio is a nonprofit that supports social entrepreneurs and other leaders in the early childhood field to improve their scale and impact.

In our inaugural year, we've partnered with organizations such as Campaign for Grade Level Reading, Sesame Workshop, Omidyar Network, The Lego Foundation, Silicon Valley Community Foundation, and the Harvard Center on the Developing Child to host events that highlighted the most promising innovations and organizations to audiences of leading foundations, academics, practitioners and policy experts.

We are now designing follow-on programs and events to more directly support and connect philanthropists and investors interested in early childhood development. We’d really value your input. Thank you for contributing to building a thriving early childhood innovation ecosystem!

The Basics
1. What kind of organization do you work for? *
If more than one of these fits, just pick the option that best describes your work.
2. How engaged is your organization in the early childhood field? *
Engagement could mean anything from research to events to an active portfolio.
3. What are your plans for future early childhood engagement?
4. What is your organization's geographic investment focus?
Interests & Focus Areas
5. What are your specific interests within the field?
For each sub-topic, please select your level of interest.
Not interested
Somewhat Interested
Very Interested
Early Language / Literacy
Early Math / STEM
Executive Function & Self Regulation
Social Emotional Learning
Developmental Screening, Assessment, & Referrals
Special Needs
Child Care / Early Education Supply & Quality
Early childhood workforce sourcing & development
Parent / Caregiver education & support
Intergenerational Anti-Poverty / Economic Mobility
Community / Stakeholder Engagement & Action
Policy & Advocacy (Child, Parent, Caregiver)
Prenatal Care / Services
Parental / Child Mental Health
Maternal Health
Early Childhood Health & Pediatrics
Early Adversity / Resilience
Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
Data & Technology
Solutions for Ages 0-2
Solutions for Ages 3-5
6. Is there anything else we should know about your interests within early childhood?
Any topics we missed?
Your answer
7. We'd love to learn more about the kind of support that might help you.
For each resource or event, what is your level of interest? If you have something else in mind that would be more useful, please write it in!
Not interested
Somewhat interested
Very interested
Investment primers on topics in early childhood (e.g. social emotional learning)
A searchable database of fundable organizations
Virtual "demo days" connecting you to promising innovations
Virtual workshops on targeted topics (e.g. leveraging funder collaboratives)
A local meetup on bringing innovations to your city or state
Bespoke 1:1 matchmaking to funding-ready organizations
8. Are there any other resources or supports you would like?
Your answer
We aim to make it easier to help you find and support the most promising early childhood innovations and organizations. To that end, we'd love to learn more about what's working for you today - and what challenges remain.
9. Finally, in what parts of your investment process would you value additional supports and resources?
For each stage of the investment funnel, where would you like additional support?
I'd really like more support here
I'd like some additional support here
I don't need additional support here
Sourcing potential early childhood investments
Diligence on early childhood investments
Executing early childhood investments
Portfolio support after making investments
Impact evaluation after making investments
Identifying / partnering with other like-minded investors on early childhood investments
10. Is there anything else you would like additional support for in your investment process?
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