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A current or former student of yours has expressed an interest in participating in the College Now Program for next year and listed you as someone who can speak about the student's academic and social abilities and needs.

College Now is a program which enables twelfth grade students to complete their high school graduation requirements while taking only college classes on the De Anza College campus. Your careful analysis of this student’s potential for success in the college environment is a crucial part of the assessment. This is an accelerated program that requires maturity and responsibility on the part of the participant with limited guidance. His/her senior year will be spent at De Anza College if admitted into the program.

All responses will remain confidential and not be revealed to the student. Please fill out this Google Form for the student to the best of your ability and click on submit at the bottom of the form when you are done; only use one form per student. It is also acceptable to write a traditional recommendation if you prefer and email it directly to me.

Additional College Now program information can be found on the FUHSD website at

If you have any questions, please email Tamara Emmert at

Thank you!

Student's Last Name
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Student's First Name
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Course(s) in which you teach/taught this student
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When did you teach this student?
Did the student speak with you in person about the College Now application to ask you for a teacher evaluation?
If you can recall, what grades did this student earn in your course(s)?
A Average
Failed the course one or more semesters
Would this student be better suited to stay at your site and take a couple of De Anza College classes through CONCURRENT ENROLLMENT instead?
Would this student be better suited to apply for the MIDDLE COLLEGE PROGRAM (also housed at De Anza College) where he/she will receive more guidance and daily interaction with peers?
Please check how you would rate the applicant in the following areas:
Please compare this to other students in your classroom(s) who are planning to attend college
Below average
Good (above average)
Excellent (top 10%)
Outstanding (top 5%)
One of the top few I've encountered in my career
No basis for judgment
Social and Emotional Maturity
Ability to Complete Work Independently
Academic Potential/Intellectual Curiosity
Reacts Well to Adversity
How strongly do you recommend this student for College Now?
With Reservation
My Strongest Recommendation
What are the student's strengths that might contribute to his or her success in college level courses?
What challenges might this student face in an independent college environment?
If anything was selected in the above question, please share why the student might have these challenges?
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Do you have any comments or reservations about the applicant's character, integrity, or ability to succeed in the College Now program?
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