QualX User Feedback
Since how many years are you using QualX?
How do you often use QualX?
Which version of QualX do you use?
Which database do you usually use in Qualx?
What do you think about graphics?
What would you like to be changed in graphics?
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Which feature(s) of QualX do you particularly appreciate?
Which feature(s) of QualX would you like to be improved?
Please, indicate the tool(s) you usually use in QualX
Which tool(s) would you like to be improved?
For which kind of compounds do you usually use QualX?
Please, indicate your satisfaction rating of QualX
Do you consider useful to organize periodical workshops specifically devoted to the use of QualX?
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The QualX team thanks you very much for your availability in the compilation of this survey.
QualX developers will use your comments/suggestions to improve the program performances.
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