Big Horn REA Member Survey
Thank you for participating in our survey. We hope you'll share your experiences and opinions with us.

We want to hear your feedback so we can keep improving your electric co-op. Please fill out and return this survey before August 6, 2021 or take the survey online on our website at for a chance to win one of ten $100 bill credits! Each member can only complete one survey.
Please consider all your experiences to date with Big Horn REA. How satisfied are you with Big Horn REA? *
Very dissatisfied
Very satisfied
To what extent has Big Horn REA fallen short or exceeded your expectations? *
Falls short
Imagine an ideal utility company. How well do you think Big Horn REA compares? *
Not very close
Very close
If you could choose your electric company, how likely is it you would choose Big Horn REA? *
Very unlikely
Very likely
Please rate your level of agreement with the following statements regarding Big Horn REA.
Disagree strongly
Disagree somewhat
Agree somewhat
Agree strongly
Provides reliable service
Handles issues or problems promptly
Has a goal to provide power at the lowest possible cost
Gives you money back in the form of Capital Credits
Conducts business in a professional manner
Provides good value for the money you spend
Provides support for education and local schools
Restores power quickly following an outage
Big Horn REA is trustworthy and honest
Appropriately supports community projects and services like fire and rescue departments
Provides adequate information through such things as the newsletter, mailings, web page, etc.
Field staff provides excellent customer service
Office staff provides excellent customer service
Clear selection
For each of the following items, which is the way you would prefer to communicate with Big Horn REA if all options were available?
Phone call
Text message
Co-op website
Mobile app
Reporting an outage
Asking questions about my bill
For each of the following items, which is the way you would prefer Big Horn REA to communicate with you? (Newsletter refers to "Highlights" in WREN magazine)
Social media
Letter mailed
Information on board elections
Changes to electric rates
General co-op news
Energy saving tips
Information on co-op programs & services
Getting updates on power outage
How would you rate the content of:
Not informative
Somewhat informative
Very informative
I don't use
Our website -
Our Facebook page -
Our newsletter - Highlights - in WREN magazine
Clear selection
How many times per month do you view the following:
Our website -
Our Facebook page -
Our newsletter - Highlights - in WREN magazine
Clear selection
Think about our newsletter - Highlights - for a moment.
Is the newsletter, which comes to you in the WREN magazine delivered in a timely manner?
Is the newsletter content timely?
Is the newsletter content interesting?
Is the newsletter content helpful?
Do you read the newsletter thoroughly?
Do you use the newsletter as a reference?
Do you think the newsletter is valuable?
Would you prefer to read the newsletter online rather than through a mailing?
Do you have any suggestions to improve the way Big Horn REA communicates with you?
What is the most important topic you would like to see Big Horn REA discuss with members during the next 12 months?
What is the primary way you pay your monthly electric bill?
Clear selection
If Big Horn were to offer an off-peak rate would you be interested? An off-peak rate provides a reduced energy cost to the customer who uses energy during a specific time period, such as 10:00 pm - 11:00 am.
Clear selection
Should Big Horn purchase renewable power for a portion of our power source even if it costs more?
Clear selection
Which of the following have you considered installing as a renewable form of energy?
Do you plan to purchase a renewable system for your home within the next 3 years?
Clear selection
Should Big Horn REA install community solar? Members can purchase a solar panel in the community farm/garden to receive a credit on your monthly bill based partly on the renewable energy produced.
Clear selection
Would you purchase a solar panel in a community solar project?
Clear selection
Do you own any smart devices in your home?
Clear selection
Which of the following smart devices do you own, or are you interested in purchasing within the next three years?
Interested in
Not interested
Home security system
Smart home speaker such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant
Smart door locks
Smart lighting
Smart thermostat such as Nest or Ecobee
Smart doorbell such as Ring
Clear selection
If you plan on purchasing a vehicle in the next 3 years how likely is it that vehicle will be electric (EV)?
Clear selection
If the answer was Very Likely or Somewhat Likely to the above question, how many EV's do you see yourself purchasing in the next 3 years?
Are you aware that Big Horn REA offers rebates on:
Energy Star appliances
EV chargers
Irrigation motors
LED lights
Electric yard equipment
Heat pumps
Mini-split air conditioners
Electric water heaters
Clear selection
If Big Horn REA were to offer any of the following products and services in the future would you be interested? Please mark which one(s) and the level of interest.
Not interested
Somewhat interested
Very interested
Don't know
Receiving text alerts about power outages at your home
Purchasing smart home devices such as thermostats
Financing energy efficiency improvements for your home on your electric bill
Viewing your daily electric usage online with graphs comparing your historical energy usage
Receiving alerts when your energy usage is higher than expected
Investing in a solar electricity project in your local community
Leasing a rooftop solar system for your home
Pre-paid metering - pay for your electricity before you use it
A home warranty program, such as HomeServe
Clear selection
Are there any other products and services you can list that Big Horn should consider providing?
Which of the following categories includes your age?
Clear selection
How long have you been a member of Big Horn REA?
Clear selection
Do you consider yourself a member, owner or customer of Big Horn REA?
Clear selection
Please enter your name and/or account number if you wish to be entered in the drawing for a chance to win one of ten $100 bill credits.
Name and/or Account Number
Please include your preferred email address.
Would you like to be contacted by someone from Big Horn REA regarding a specific issue? If so, please provide a brief discussion of the issue and your name and phone number.
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