2022 Grand Maestro International Music Examinations (Piano & Violin Exams)

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REPERTOIRE REQUIREMENTS  Three pieces required for Grade 1 to 7,   Four pieces required for Grade 8 to 10 and Piano Performance Diplomas, Five pieces required for Fellowship Diploma *
Video Link Requirements
VIDEO LINK REQUIREMENTS - Only Youtube, Vimeo and Tudou links will be accepted. Make sure that the links are unlisted (not public). Submission of unopenable links (private links) or defect links will lead to disqualification. Please note that we do not accept any file downloads.
List A: Name of piece *
Video Link for List A *
List B: Name of piece *
Video Link for List B *
List C: Name of piece *
Video Link for List C *
List C: Name of piece *
Video Link for List C *
List D: Name of the piece (Only required for Grade 8 to 10, and for Performance Diplomas)
Video Link for List D (Only required for Grade 8 to 10, and for Performance Diplomas)
List E: Name of the piece (Only required for Fellowship Diploma)
Video Link for List E (Only required for Fellow Diploma)  
Video Link for Submission of Technical Requirements (Only required for Practical Examinations Grade 1 to 10) - All technical requirements must be played by memory. All video links must be submitted within 30 days from the date of application.
I acknowledge that all the information provided above is accurate and true. The submission of any false or incorrect information is subject to disqualification.  I fully acknowledge that all payments made are non-refundable.* *
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