RTMF Children's Online Competitions Entry Form: Solo Performance
Please fill in this form to register your child's video entry to the Rothbury Traditional Music Festival competitions. Please see Rothburymusicfestival.co.uk for more information, including Guidelines for Entry, Parental Consent Form and a GDPR statement. A signed Parental Consent Form MUST be received before your child's video will be forwarded to the judges for consideration.
Name of adult with parental responsibility submitting the entry - please match the name on the Parental Consent Form *
Parent's email address *
I have returned a signed copy of the Parental Consent Form (downloadable from the festival website at www.rothburymusicfestival.com) *
Submission of this Google form registers a video entry to the competition but does not constitute parental consent for that video to be forwarded to the judging panel. Please download, print and sign the Parental Consent Form at www.rothburymusicfestival.co.uk and then return either digitally (scan or photograph) to rtmf.kidscomps@gmail.com or request a hard copy and SAE from this email address.
Name of Child *
Videos will be anonymised before sending to the judging panel and can be anonymised if published online. Please see the Parental Consent Form for further details.
Age of Child *
Please select the age group of your child.
Name of Performance Piece *
File Name of Performance Video Submitted via We Transfer *
Please see the Competition Guidelines for Entry at www.rothburymusicfestival.co.uk for more detail on how to record, name and submit your child's video entry.
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