1st Week Student Survey
Please answer these questions honestly, so I can learn a bit about you. I strive to tailor instruction to best meet the needs of my students, which is easier to do if I have a sense of your strengths, interests, and preferences about learning. There are also questions about your access to technology that will help me determine how to design lessons.

Remember first impressions are important. You don't have to pretend to like anything, but I would ask that you keep your comments clear and productive.

Thank you for your time on this.

Mrs. Kaufman
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If you enjoy reading, what do you typically read? If you do NOT enjoy reading, can you explain why? *
Do you enjoy writing? *
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Yes, I enjoy writing.
If you enjoy writing, what types of writing do you enjoy? If you do NOT like writing, can you explain why? *
How do you think you learn best? *
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Do you work best when...? *
How do you stay organized? Do you have a method for recording your to-do list? How do you keep track of deadlines? *
When you want to learn how to do something outside of school, what do you do? *
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How often do you use technology (e.g. computer, phone, iPad, or other device) in your life outside of school? *
Do you have an internet connection at home? *
How often do you communicate with friends online? *
What are your interests and hobbies outside of school? *
Sports, music, art, dance?
Last year, how much time did you spend completing homework on a typical evening? *
How effective do you think homework is at helping you develop skills and be more academically successful? *
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What after school commitments or responsibilities do you have? *
Last year, what percentage of class time were you expected to sit quietly and listen to a teacher talk? *
What is your favorite part of school? *
What is your least favorite part of school? *
What do you wish more teachers knew about their students? *
What is one thing teachers can do to make your experience at school better? *
Is there anything I should know about you? *
Likes, dislikes, medical conditions?
Tell me one "fun fact" about you that you do not think other students will know. I will be using this fun fact to create a class activity! *
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