Share Your Story: Experience on Colorado Public Lands
People of color and other underrepresented and disinvested communities support conservation and explore parks, forests, and other public lands throughout Colorado, but our experiences recreating on these lands are unseen by the recreation industry, misunderstood, or all too often, unwelcomed. In order to create a more just, inclusive, and enjoyable experience on public lands in Colorado and beyond, we encourage all people of color to join us in examining the attitudes they face in outdoor spaces in Colorado by filling out the Incident Reporting Form and sharing specific experiences—positive, negative, or in-between—when spending time on trails, in parks and campsites, and in other public outdoor and green spaces.

Contributing to this effort is optional, voluntary, and can be completely anonymous. We intend to use this form to help improve state and federal policies, cultural competency of land managers, safety, and the experience of people of color in the outdoors. Next 100 Colorado is not a law enforcement agency, has no legal responsibility to respond to emergencies, and will not share these reports publicly without your consent. Depending on the nature of the situation, you may want to also consider contacting local/state/federal law enforcement.

**If you have experienced or witnessed a crime on public lands, please report the crime to local law enforcement (or call 911 if appropriate) before filling out this form.**
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Please be as specific as possible (park name, trail name, coordinates, and type of public land—national park, state park, land management agency, if possible). Feel free to email us a photo at if that helps identify the space.
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How would you characterize your experience? *
Did you contact or interact with other people recreating?
Did you contact or interact with a land manager (ranger, park staff, etc)? If yes, could you describe that experience? If no, could you explain why not?
Do you plan on returning to the area where this happened? How will this experience affect your next visit?
What had you heard, if anything, about this park or area from another person in your community before visiting?
After this experience how will you characterize parks and public lands to members of your community?
After this experience, are you less likely or more likely to recreate on public lands in Colorado? *
After this experience, are you more or less likely to recommend this area to another person of color? *
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