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Project Run is a national running club led by elite runners Kieran Walker and Will Bryan. We have two training hubs, North East Project (NEP) and South Coast Project (SCP) but are very much one united club all striving for personal greatness. Our philosophy is built on personalised training plans and scientific principles which covers 1-1 training sessions, group sessions as well as a large focus on strength & conditioning both in person and through a virtual platform. We are a project which helps all abilities whether that is to improve PB's, improve mental health or offer a great social element for training. We offer a free consultation if you fill out a training application below.

The PR running community is like no other, we go above and beyond to ensure our athletes reach their ultimate potential.

If you have any questions on the club or our training services please contact us at and/or check out more information at the bottom of this form.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Many Thanks,
Kieran and Will  

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Team PR
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The coaches will like to know what type of training you are interested in and the structure of your membership. Service costs range from £40 to £80 per month depending on the level of the plan.
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Once submitted we will asses your application and contact you soon to arrange your free consultation with us.

Thank you,
Kieran and Will
Kieran founded NEP in 2018 to improve the standard of distance running in his region after being dissatisfied with the current traditional club system. Whilst building the project into the force it is today he's also progressed his running to new heights using the same scientific principles and work ethic he supports his athletes with. Now with PB's of 65:28 for the Half Marathon, 49:59 for 10 miles, 30:33 for 10K, and 14:48 for 5k. Kieran wants to set the example for all members in Team PR that hard work can beat talent when talent doesn't work hard.
Will joined NEP in 2022 to help form SCP and subsequently PR with the vision of making athletes the best version of themselves. He wants to help grow on the example set by NEP to bring gains to the masses. He started his running career doing parkrun where he ran his first one in 26:41. After years of learning about the sport, consistently training to the best level he could and sticking with it even when things didn’t go his way he slowly made progress. He now has PBs of 14:25 for 5K, 30:04 for 10K and 1:04:58 for HM.
The PR Philosophy
What is PR?
North East Project (NEP) was formed in 2018 to improve the standard of distance running for all abilities to reach their potential. We are guided by the science and our Coaches are fundamentally athletes themselves who represent the philosophy through their results. South Coast Project formed in 2022 with the aim of expanding NEP to national project; this is how PR was born. We are affiliated to England Athletics as an official running club since 2019.

What are Project Run’s aims?
1. To provide high quality personalised running coaching to as many runners as possible. We fit the plan to the athlete, not the athlete to the plan.
2. To fundamentally change the attitudes and ideas around training from a traditional to a more modern scientifically supported regime.
3. To bring people together and enjoy the many mental and social benefits running has to offer.
4. Remove elitism from the sport. Everyone’s own personal goal is just as important as another.
5. Show that hard work can indeed beat talent when talent doesn’t work hard.

Who are the Head Coaches?
PR's two Head Coaches are Kieran Walker and Will Bryan who are supported by a team of Ambassadors and Mentors. Kieran, 23 founded the Project in 2018, he's a Marathon runner aiming to become an elite athlete over the distance and holds a half marathon PB of 65:28. Will, 24 joined the Project more recently in 2022 who is also starting out on his Marathon career with big aims, Will finished 12th in the 2021 GNR in a time of 64:58 and has an exciting future in the sport. We believe at PR if the coaches can’t show how it is done then how can we expect you to work for us!

Frequently asked questions

What separates PR from other running clubs?
Every runner in PR is on a personalised training plan and is guided by the coaches on a weekly basis. Our philosophy is that all members must be active and supported every step of the way. We also appreciate that every member’s goal is just as important as another. We work as a team, we win as a team, and we lose as a team.

How are the personalised training plans delivered?
Our training plans are delivered on an app called Final Surge which are delivered on a weekly to monthly basis depending on the athlete’s goals.

What is included in a training plan?
• Day to day running sessions with personalised paces.
• Live and recorded Zoom strength sessions, Pilates and Yoga classes delivered weekly.
• Personalised strength training and rehab sessions.
• Race guidance and periodisation.
• Weekly check ins with your Coach.
• 1-1s and group sessions.
• Access to the Team PR WhatsApp groups and social groups.
• Access to PR merchandise.

How can I be involved if I don’t live local to the Coaches?
PR has a large virtual platform with a team WhatsApp information and social group. We also deliver 3 Zoom sessions each week covering lower body circuits, core, Pilates, and Yoga for everyone to get involved in. PR races all over the UK, whether it be GNR, London Marathon, or our training weekends away, which are inclusive for everyone across the UK to join.

If I am injured will I still be supported?
PR has a big support network to help injured members. Firstly we will provide a personalised S&C training plan to support your rehab. For your mental and social health we have a team of welfare officers, Ambassadors, and Mentors to support you whilst injured.

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