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The Gentlemen's League Community Workshop Series: Our monthly workshops are held on Saturdays and offer boys of color in grades 8-12 a unique opportunity to explore various college and career paths. We go beyond traditional classroom learning by featuring successful males of color from diverse professions and industries. Through hands-on experiences and firsthand exposure, participants gain insight into different fields, acquire practical skills, and receive guidance on educational and career pathways. The workshops aim to inspire these young men by showcasing positive role models who can share their personal journeys, challenges, and triumphs. 
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Please answer honestly. The Community Workshop Series will work to increase the leadership skills and career readiness of the young men. Please have the young men complete this. 
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The Gentlemen’s League (TGL) appreciates you and your child's interest in his/her becoming a part of the program. This application is intended as a means of informing and gaining the consent of the parent/guardian to allow their son to participate in The Gentlemen’s League. 
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