Organiser Member Application Form - MEDIMUN 2018

Members will work with their managers to carry out the work of the committee.
Members will be selected based on their application.

Note: An applicant cannot be both a member of an organising committee and a delegate. All applicants need to be students of The English School.

If you have any queries please contact the Deputy-Secretary General, Rafael Ellinas (96652570) or the Senior Director, Mr Jim Lodge (22799373).

The deadline is on Friday, 7th October 2016.

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    Committee Descriptions

    IT and Social Media Concerned with many aspects of the conference there are a variety of responsibilities from working with data management, organising the website, linking with social media to ensure that our messages are available and during the conference IT support. We expect this to be an important and challenging role with many responsibilities. Preparations Concerned with carrying out all the necessary preparations ahead of the conference. This includes printing placards, lanyards and certificates, setting up conference rooms, guiding participants around, equipping delegates and decorating the venue. Also responsible for helping with the flag parade and helping Food and Catering move tables and chairs during the conference if necessary. Approval Panel Consists of a coordinator (a teacher or an old student and member of previous MEDIMUNs) and panel members (teachers from other schools.) The coordinator is responsible for organising the approval process, training and setting up the panel. A publication explaining every detail of the process, and a handout for panel members will be prepared. The Approval Panel Manager(s) is/are (a) current student(s) at the school who work very closely with the Coordinator with organization and photocopying of resolutions. It is a key role during the conference. Admin Staff Consists of a coordinator and all Admin Staff. The coordinator will be responsible for locating members and for training them in conference procedures: note-passing, vote-counting, and the resolution approval process. They will also allocate Admin Staff to specific committees and monitor their progress. Sales Responsible for selling souvenirs and photographs during the workshop but mainly during the actual conference. This includes arranging a sales stand, decorating it and formulating an efficient way of selling our products. Food and Catering In charge of catering for those attending MEDIMUN. This includes snacks at the workshop, lunch during the conference and snacks/refreshments during breaks. Tea/coffee facilities are also required for the Directors’ room and MEDIMUN attendees. Waiter services must also be readily available, especially during the cocktail reception after the opening ceremony. Photographers Responsible for taking photographs during the workshop, the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, delegation photographs and others throughout the conference. Some will be published in MediNews, some will be sold as souvenirs and most will be put online on the website and Facebook page. Public Information Responsible for the public face of MEDIMUN. Responsible for greeting guests and delegations on arrival and during the conference. Responsible as acting as a reception and information desk for the conference. Includes promoting the conference online and in the media.
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    Admin Staff
    Food and Catering
    Public Information
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