NCTSA State Officer Application
All NCTSA officer candidates and elected state officers must be an active member of their local TSA chapter, must maintain a cumulative average of 85 or “B” and adhere to the NCTSA Officer Code of Conduct. Failure of officers to meet these requirements will result in probation and evaluation by the NC-TSA Advisor and NCTSA State Officer Advisor.

All Applicants AND their TSA Chapter Advisors will be REQUIRED to attend a pre-interview session on the opening day of the state conference. In addition, only two candidates may run for office from any given chapter.

The Screening Committee will conduct a 15 minute interview with each candidate to help identify which office that candidate is most suited for. Applicants must wear Official TSA Attire.

Applicants that pass the screening process will give a 1 -minute speech during the Annual Business Session of NCTSA. Verbal campaigning is allowed; however NO campaign materials are allowed!

In addition to this form, the following items MUST be submitted to the NC-TSA State Officer Advisor ( and by April 15th at the latest.

1. Signed NC-TSA Officer Code of Conduct
2. Completed and signed personal liability and medical release form
3. 2 Letters Of Recommendations

The following event are required for ALL state officers, failure to attend may reultin removal from office. In addition to the list below, officers are encouraged to attend the National Conference, cost responsibility: student.
1. Mid May : State Officer Training
2. Mid October: Leadership Rally
3. January 18-20: Winter Officer Retreat
4. March 25-28: 2019 NCTSA State Conference
5. July 16-18: Summer CTE conference

NOTE: The cover letter should address the candidates two main goals they would like to accomplish as an NCTSA State Officer, skill sets, leadership role in other organizations. Most importantly, the cover letter should demonstrate the candidate's character, principals, and dedication to NCTSA.
The Resume should include your participation in various organizations and leadership experiences (School, Community, Leadership Roles, Volunteering, etc) and any awards or honors received.

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