Hong Kong Olympic Fans Club Membership Registration Form 香港奧林匹克之友會籍申請表
Please register and be a Hong Kong Olympic Fans Club (OFC) Subscribing Member IMMEDIATELY!

Members will have unique sports experience by enjoying special offers, sports information and exclusive member activities.

For any questions, please contact Ms. CHAN of OFC at 2504 8680/ fansclub@hkolympic.org for further discussion. Thank you.
如欲查詢,請致電2504 8680,或電郵至fansclub@hkolympic.org與香港奧林匹克之友陳小姐聯絡,謝謝。
Membership applied for 申請會籍級別
Subscribing Member 訂閱會員 (FREE 免費; Updates of OFC will be sent by email 電郵通知奧林匹克之友最新資訊)
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