Survey on Buddhism, gender and LGBT+

Thank you for taking part in this survey on Buddhism, Gender, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity.

This questionnaire is for all Buddhists, even (maybe especially) if you don’t know much about LGBT+
LGBT+ refers to people who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans(gender) / The + refers to various other ways of self-identifying about gender and/or sexual orientation. You often see variations on this, the longest (so far) being LGBPTTQQIIAAP (sic)

This survey takes less than 15 min. There are 5 (short) sections with questions, and a final section where you can leave free comments and information you are happy to share with us.
We are aware that there are some questions about topics that many people might never have thought of before and not know much about. Don't worry. It is still very useful to us if you just tick the box 'I'm not sure / I don't know'.

Thank you again for giving us some of your time, and remember: there are no right or wrong answers. All we try to do is map the landscape of Buddhism, Gender and LGBT+ in our time.

With metta,

Dario, Munisha and Michael (Rainbow Sangha network of the European Buddhist Union)


(only this section has some required fields you need to answer - this is for statistical reasons)
1.1 What region of the world do you live in? *
1.2 What country do you live in? *
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1.3 What is your age-band? *
1.4 What Buddhist tradition do you affiliate with? *
1.5 What is the NAME of your Buddhist organisation (write none or N/A if you have no affiliation) *
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1.6 Are you in a position of Dharma teaching or spiritual leadership?
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1.7 How would you define your gender? *
1.8 How would you define your sexual orientation?
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