Faith Formation Registration 2022-23 English
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Are You Registered Members of Saints Peter & Paul Parish? *
If not, you will need to register as parishioners in the parish office, or bring a letter of permission from your pastor in order to register your child for classes.
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Student's Full Name: *
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City/State/Country of Student's Birth: *
Student's Grade in School for 2022-23: *
Name of Student's School for 2022-23: *
Did This Student have Religious Education Last Year? *
If This Student had Religious Education Last Year, Where?
Name of Catholic Parish or Catholic School in which this student participated in Religious Education for the 2021-22 school year
Has This Student been Baptized? *
If This Student HAS been Baptized, Where?
Name of Church, and the City, State, Country in which it is located
Has This Student Received First Holy Communion? *
Has This Student Received Confirmation? *
Language Preference for Classes *
Father's Name:
Mother's Name:
Family's Last Name *
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Parent Phone Number *
Which Parent (Father/Mother) & Phone number with area code
Alternate Parent Phone Number
Which Parent (Father/Mother) & Phone number with area code
Emergency Contact Person & Phone *
The Name and Phone Number of the ADULT you want us to notify in the event of an emergency if we are unable to contact the student's parents at the numbers given above
Registration Fee for The Year is $55, Due by September 14th, 2022. Fee can be brought in or mailed to the parish office (720 N. Baird St. Green Bay 54302) Be sure to include student's name and grade-in-school for 2022-23.
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