Surreal Storytelling with Strange Women - SEATTLE
Surreal Storytelling was started by short fiction writer and literary event producer Kate Berwanger. The series began in Seattle, WA in August of 2018. While most featured readers are solicited by Kate, Seattle is a big city and good writers are often overlooked. PLEASE NOTE: Filling out this application does not guarantee you a spot reading in this series. You are putting your name in the hat, so to speak.

TONE/MOOD: The setting we're looking to create is soft, yet severe. Demanding, magical, and strange. Consider the work of Carmen Maria Machado, Catherynne M. Valente, Helen Oyeyemi, Djuna Barnes, Amy Bender, and Alissa Nutting. Your work should reflect the title of this series.

Past Strange Women include Civic Poet of Seattle, Anastacia-Renee, Co-founder/Editor-in-Chief of Women.Weed.WiFi, Amanya Maloba (aka Kenya Ku$h), and local writers G.G. Silverman, Gabrielle Bates, Kamari Bright, Kait Heacock, Erika Brumett, and many more.

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Thank you for your interest in Surreal Storytelling with Strange Women. "We'll call you." All applicants will be considered, but due to the volume of interest not every applicant will earn a spot as a feature.

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