Application: Multigenerational Capacity Building - Agency-Level Consultation
It takes a village to raise a child. Is your organization part of the village?

Does your organization provide mental health, substance use, or other social services to adults? Do those adults have young children at home? If so, your organization has a unique opportunity to provide a whole-family approach to care and prevention. By providing wrap-around services that support the children and families of our primary adult consumers, we can do more to disrupt the intergenerational cycle of adversity, trauma and abuse. 
The relationships that young children experience form the foundation for their lifelong well-being. By working across systems of care, we can strengthen these relationships and improve the health of our entire community. Moreover, early childhood prevention pays off, with cost-benefit ratios ranging from 1:3 to 1:9. 

The Early Childhood Council of Larimer County (ECCLC) and The Willow Collective are proud to provide this grant-funded opportunity for adult-servicing agencies to collaborate with local early childhood mental health (ECMH) experts. We will help your team examine policies, practices, and structures to provide a more holistic and intentional approach to supporting your families. Consultation services are tailored to meet your organization’s unique needs and goals.

To apply for consultation, first identify a staff member who can serve as your organization’s “early childhood champion.” This should be somebody who is interested in learning more and leading change in this area.

Then, complete this form by March 19
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