18+ Verification Form
There are some NSFW actions in EtheliaRP that can be allowed via age verification. Because there is no way to actively catch people that are under 18, we have created this very simple contract for you to adhere to.

By submitting this form, you confirm that you:

- are at least 18 years of age,
- are submitting for YOUR OWN MINECRAFT ACCOUNT
- are not intending to perform actions with minors or users that are not Age Verified
- agree to inform staff of people abusing this system (ie, underaged players that have signed this contract, players that are
performing actions who do not have active age verification, etc.)
- have no underage joint-users on your account and
- will be willing to provide censored documentation if further verification is needed. (ie, Drivers License, Government-Issued ID, etc.)

EtheliaRP is not subject to any legal problems that may arise due to the misuse of this form. EtheliaRP is not responsible for any person who submits this form and is under the age of 18, but we are under strict contract to ban said child or teen if they are found to be under 18 AND any player that performs said actions knowingly with a minor.

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