ASEAN Travel Facilitation Questionnaire
TwoEco, Inc. is a consulting firm that specializes in tourism policy and development planning. It was contracted by the Philippine Department of Tourism to carry out research concerning travel facilitation into and within the Southeast Asian region, pursuant to a mandate under the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.

The information gathered in the course of research may help ASEAN governments better facilitate travel, improve the visitor experience, and encourage travel into and within the ASEAN region. We hope you can help us by answering this survey.

By proceeding with this survey, you hereby give consent to the collection of data generated by this survey. It is mutually understood that all information you give will remain confidential, shall not be shared to other parties, except in an anonymous and aggregated manner. Such data will only be used for analytical purposes to assist in the proposal and formulation of policies to facilitate travel in the ASEAN region.

It is further understood that this survey does not purport to secure, in a quantitative manner, a representative sample of a target population. Rather, the survey is being used qualitatively to identify issues, ideas, comments, and suggestions from stakeholders in the travel industry.

Thank you.
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