Mini-Documentary Maker Internship Application
Learn while giving back as an intern.

The 1947 Partition Archive is now accepting applications for our internships program. We seek bright and enthusiastic interns interested in gaining field experience. We currently have positions available in several fields, one of which is listed below. Applicants should be serious, highly motivated and have the necessary experience as listed below. Interns will be paired with an experienced mentor in their area of concentration.

At present, we only offer unpaid volunteer internships, intended for the applicant to gain field experience. Interns are encouraged to seek course credit through their colleges or universities.

Interns will receive relevant training, fieldwork experience as well as a guaranteed reference. References will only be provided to those who satisfactorily complete their internship term. Experience or knowledge in South Asian studies is not necessary, however we do require some task specific experience for certain positions.
Job Description
o Use existing footage from riveting interview and b-roll
o Intern may at times need to film additional b-roll footage.
o Weave together a 3 to 5 minute short film that captures a tale of survival.
o Fine tune your editing and storytelling skills
Job Requirements
o Experience with storytelling/storyboarding not required by desirable
o Experience working with a Mac
o Experience with Final Cut Express/Pro
Internship Time Period
This position starts in March 2014. Intern needs to commit at least five months and a minimum 10 hours each week.
Internship Expectations
You will be working at the UC Berkeley Skydeck which has amazing 360 degree views of the bay area, and be taking part in a crucial and exciting stage for 1947 Partition Archive.

All editing work will be completed at Archive editing lab. Interns are expected to develop ownership of their project and encouraged to develop creative solutions. Intern will work closely with Archive staff and Director. Intern must have a strong passion for and dedication to our mission and goals. Interns will receive relevant training, fieldwork experience as well as guaranteed references for successfully completing their internship term. This internship is unpaid but interns may apply for credit or funding through their college or university. Successful interns, at the end of their tenure, may be considered for any paid positions that are available.
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