AP Chemistry Digital Signature and Contact Form
Thank you for taking the time to fill out this brief survey. This will serve to verify that you have read & understood the parent letter/syllabus as well as collect important contact information. Paper copies of the Parent Letter and Syllabus are available if you are having trouble downloading them online.
Introduction to AP Chemistry: Please watch the following video for a brief introduction of what we do in AP Chemistry.
Mrs. Maze's AP Chemistry Class
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Lab Safety
Please download the Lab Safety Contract https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_sUa6I1UzeKV28zbldZbXdKTlk/view?usp=sharing and save a copy for your records. There is no need to return a paper copy to your teacher since the submission of this survey will constitute your agreement to the terms of this contract, but you may keep a paper copy in your chemistry notebook if you choose.
Important Lab Safety Information *
PLEASE review the lab safety form provided by the Vista Ridge High School Science Department. Students who have not submitted this form electronically (by clicking the button below) OR by turning in a signed safety contract on paper will not be permitted to participate in labs and demonstrations in class.
Students: What are your questions or concerns?
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Students: Building the Class Playlist
Please feel free to suggest songs that would enhance the learning experience in our class. Tell me the name of the song, artist's name, and whether it would be best for Warm-Up, Active Learning, or Quiet Work. Thanks for your input!
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Parents: A Million Words Assignment
In a million words or less, please tell me about your child.
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Student Consent and Agreement *
I have read and understand the syllabus and lab safety contract explaining the "flipped classroom" model using Video Podcasts and the course policies and requirements for AP Chemistry. Furthermore, I agree to follow all lab safety rules at all times. Please type your FULL name below. This will serve as your digital signature.
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Parent Consent and Agreement *
By typing your first and last name in the answer space below, you indicate agreement to abide by the class policies and indicate your support of the guidelines for learner use of PEDs describe above.
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