Collaboration Details with LPB
1. We intend to start this collaboration on October 1st and continue through October 31st, 2021 (one month).

2. There has been a lot of interest since we announced this idea which is great! However, there are only approximately 8 spaces available for different artists. That means that we will only be able to accommodate no more than 8 artists for the month of October. If the spaces fill up for October, you will be on the list for November (if you are interested).

3. One cubby shelf (pics below) will be made available for each artist. The space measures 14”x15”x11”. We also have two longer shelves available if an artist has ‘larger’ items. The space utilized per artist will be up to the discretion of LPB.

4. Artist can use certain displays owned by LPB but will ultimately be responsible for their display items (e.g. earring holders, neck displays, picture holders, etc)

5. Artist will provide an electronic itemized list of products left at store to LPB.

6. Each product must be tagged and numbered corresponding to the product list
7. Artist should have a business card on display OR a small sign with artist name/ website, etc.

8. LPB will collect sales on behalf of the artist. All sales of artist items will be cash only. However, LPB does NOT GUARANTEE SALES.

9. LPB will not charge Commission or rental fee for the month items are in store

10. If artist items are selling, LPB may ask artist to replenish product to keep space full

11. LPB will do at least one social media post listing the group of artists in the store and at least one featured post of each brand individually.

12. In return, artist agrees to the following:
(a) Artist will post at least 1x on their Insta wall/ FB timeline about the ongoing collaboration between LPB & Artist
(b) Artist will post at least one story about  the ongoing collaboration between LPB & Artist
(Design and language up to the discretion of artist)

13. Artist will coordinate pick up of items starting November 1st, 2021
If you agree to the above terms of collaboration, please fill out form below:

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Pic of space available
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