Anom Artifact Inquiry Form 

Each artifact is unique. Your personal perspectives and aspirations are vital in forging a deeper understanding and connection between you and these creations.

If you're interested in owning an original Anom Artifact, we invite you to fill out this non-binding inquiry form below. 

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general pricing / 

  • Anom 42 Brass: 320 EUR / 4 weeks
  • Anom 42 Silver: on request / 6 weeks
  • Anom 8 Silver: on request / 4 weeks
  • Anom 33 Silver: on request / 4 weeks

Other materials and customization options are available upon request.

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Filling out this inquiry form is purely for informative purposes. It neither forms a legally binding agreement nor assures the provision of any particular artwork or creation. The details you share will be used to understand your preferences as a potential collector, but will not generate any legal rights or privileges.

The artist maintains the authority to adjust or halt any aspects of the Anom Artifacts at their discretion.

All decisions pertaining to purchases or arrangements will be subject to independent terms and conditions that have been mutually agreed upon.

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