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What is your one area of your life you are looking to work on improving in the next 3 months or that is giving you the most stress/pain right now? (Please give a detailed response) *
Be 100% honest - What do you think is stopping you from achieving what you desire in this area? (The more specific you are here, the faster we can get clarity on our call together.) *
What would your life look like if this issue were to be resolved and you were on a path free from what is weighing you down? (Please give a detailed response - no one word answers here) *
On a scale of 1-5 (1 = not important because I am too busy and not willing to prioritize what matters and 5 = URGENT because I am sick and tired of feeling the weight of everything I want to be free from) how important is it for you to overcome these obstacles you mentioned and achieve your goal? *
Why did you choose that number? *
Why do you want to work 1:1 with me? And why should I choose you over other applicants? *
I made the decision awhile back that I operate only from HELL YES in my life, everything else is a no. If we get on a call and it's a HELL YES to work together, are you willing to make the investment in yourself to hire a coach? *
I only work with clients who are ready, willing, and able to commit and invest in their growth and wellbeing. If you knew there was a step-by-step system that's been proven to get women just like you amazing results and finally living a purposeful life filled with confidence and joy, what would that be worth to you? *
Before your application can be considered I want you to make a commitment to yourself: I (applicant named above) agree to be 100% open and coachable during our call. I agree to be fully present on the call, to listen intently, and be willing to take action! *
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