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If you are interested in applying for a volunteer position, please fill out the following information. Please note that you may send your resume to the MEC Secretary-Treasurer at If you are applying for more than one position, you must fill out the form twice or your can send an email to indicating that you will be applying for more than one position.
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Commitment Statement
I understand that I am applying for a volunteer position and that I will be expected to maintain good standing with the Union as well as with the Company. I am willing to remain in this position for two years. I understand the following:

1. Provide information to and take direction from the Master Executive Council (MEC), as communicated by the Committee Chair.
2. Be familiar with the AFA-CWA Constitution and Bylaws (C&B), and abide by the C&B.
3. Keep the information you receive as a Committee member confidential: individual Flight Attendant information, negotiation proposals, etc., should not be shared publicly, with management, or with general AFA membership.
4. Support the work of your Committee and the Union. You should not disparage your Committee or the Union.
5. As a Committee member, you are a representative of the Union. You are not authorized to communicate with management or AFA members (whether orally, via email, via social media, etc.) about the work and/or subject matter of your Committee without the approval of the Committee Chair, or his/her designee. 

6. I understand that I should utilize all AFA resources if I have a conflict with another coworker and have been unable to work through the CRM process or my Captain. I will utilize Professional Standards and/or a MEC Officer before turning in another Flight Attendant.

Failure to abide by these terms could result in removal from committee.

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