Evaluation WuBDA 2018
Dear WuBDA member,

We kindly request you to fill in this form. In this way we can evaluate our association and use this to improve ourselves in the future. Your opinion is appreciated!

How did you learn about WuBDA?
Please indicate your opinion on classes, times and locations
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Intermediate day is
Intermediate time is
Advanced day is
Advanced time is
Freedancing is...
"De Nude" is...
"De Wilde Wereld" is...
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What do you think about communication between the board/AC and you as a member?
Announcements during class
Contain too much information
Contain too little information
Happen too often (spam)
Happen not often enough
Are annoying
Are appreciated
Do you like switching dance partners during lessons?
Would you like to learn more about technique?
Do you actually visit our website?
What other dances do you (like to) learn besides WuBDA?
If we would provide WuBDA merchandise, what items would you be interested in?
What is your general opinion of our association?
You're disorganised dancing weirdos
It's just a whole lot of fun
NTDS 2019
The NTDS is an amazing dance event that is hosted annually! Students from all over the country will participate and dance their asses of for an entire weekend. We as WuBDA would also like to join this event. You can compete against others in a tournament, dance casual or just cheer for your fellow dancers and dream away while looking at the pro's.
This event will take place on 22, 23 & 24 February 2019 in Castle Walshof.
You can check the link for more information or approach the board/active members.


Would you like to join NTDS 2019? If yes, then please type your name below.
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