How I Live Now 04
Read today's excerpt from our story, and answer the following questions.
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Comprehension Section
Choose the Best possible answer.
Question 1
Isaac can best be described as:
Question 2
Osbert can best be described as:
Question 3
This character is described as "more animal than human":
Question 4
The "closest we had to a grown-up on the premises" was:
Question 5
Based on the question the two men ask after giving Daisy the "evil eye," we can infer that they think:
Question 6
Which city was "occupied"?
Question 7
At the bottom of page 4 and top of page 5, Daisy's tone toward the war can best be described as:
Question 8
On Page 5, Daisy begins to get closer to:
Question 9
This character is "the only one who didn't seem suspicious":
Question 10
This character was Not Corruptible:
Short Answer Section
Answer the following questions using Complete Sentences.
Question 11
According to what she says on the last page of chapter 9, what feeling was the feeling Daisy loved best in the world?
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Question 12
Why does Daisy describe herself as "pretty far gone," on the last page of chapter 10?
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Question 13
What do you predict will happen to Daisy and Edmond, if Aunt Penn does not return to the house?
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Constructed Response Section: Answer the following question using THREE Complete Sentences.
Question 14
Explain the following quotation from the story (from the bottom of the second-to-last page): “Some nights Edmond had to lock her in the barn if we wanted to be alone but secretly I felt desperate for her because I knew exactly how she felt.” Whom does Edmond have to lock up? Why does he have to do this? What does Daisy mean when she claims to know “exactly how she felt”?
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