SANYF Performer Registration Form
1. Please use this form to request a performance slot at South Asian New Year Festival on April 4th 2020
2. This form is OPEN FOR ALL and ensures consideration for a performance slot between 11 AM to 3 PM. FORM is open till registrations are FULL or till March 10th 2020.
3. If you or your group members are not available between 10 AM - 5 PM on April 4th, please do not complete this form and ensure availability first
4. Filling this form does not guarantee a performance slot. Please await confirmation by March 15th 2020 via email.
5. If you or your group wish to be included in the professional performers/ schools time slot (3 PM - 8 PM), please send an email to
Ground Rules for professional performers
1. Should have website and social media pages with 500+ followers
2. Should have performed at SANYF in the past year
3. Should have videos/ photos to share for promotional purposes
4. Should be willing to market the festival to in your social networks
6. If you have multiple entries from your organization/ group, please fill a single form putting together performers from all your acts as we prefer assigning ONLY 1 slot per group with more time instead of multiple slots for the same group.
7. Please provide correct email as music delivery instructions and check-in time will be provided using this email
8. SANYF cannot be held responsible for incorrect emails. Slot cannot be confirmed if your email is incorrect.
9. SANFY organizers retain the right to cancel or reassign or reschedule your slot after we confirm it if
a. Music is not received prior to the published deadline
b. Your group / you have missed the check-in time on the day of the event
c. Delays on the day of the event occur because of bad weather and other unforeseen circumstances
10. We expect all performers to be respectful to each other and our volunteers in dressing room areas and backstage.
Email *
Performer / Group / Performance Name *
Contact Phone Number *
Performance Type *
Number of Unique Performers in your act/ Requested time *
Description of performance *
Technical Requirements / Comments
Please read the registration policies (scroll to the top) before clicking the check-box below *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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