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Thank you for contacting C&J Electrical. We value your decision of choosing us for your electrical solutions. Please follow instructions below and an electrician will be scheduled to be dispatched to your place of business or home.

Our service fee policy is $85 an hour with a 2-hour minimum starting from the time leaving. This fee $170, must be paid in advance for all first time clients. All existing clients get billed. The undersigned hereby understands that diagnostic work may be needed to identify electrical issues or problems in your electrical system. The diagnostic fee is a flat fee regardless of how long it takes the electrician to identify the problem(s). If at the end of the diagnostic work, no additional work is needed, you will be charged for diagnostic work performed plus dispatch fees. If additional work is needed you will be given an estimate for the work required.
EXCLUSIONS: We are not responsible for any existing defective wiring or code violations in the existing electrical system and any said defective wiring or code violations that requires us to repair or extend the work we have proposed to install or repair, must be paid for in addition to the proposed price declared above.
Due to the nature of this work, it is sometimes necessary to create openings in walls, ceilings or floors to gain access to concealed wiring,boxes,splices or to install new wiring. Price does not include patching or painting of walls, ceilings or floors that need to be cut or drilled to gain access for installations.

We also do good faith estimates for small projects, which is determined by scope of work. Please be advised that we are making the following assumptions about your project. If the assumptions given are not accurate then the price may need to be adjusted accordingly. There is a minimum dispatch fee of $99, to come out for a more accurate estimate.

Follow instructions below if you agree with these terms. Thanks again for considering us for your electrical solutions.

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