This survey is being conducted by Christine Waithera, the writer and founder of The Art Of Wanderlusting travel site. This survey is to help understand the modern traveler and aid in helpful content generation.

Disclaimer: No personal data will be stored by Christine and all data is confidential.

Do you travel often?
How often do you travel in a year?
Would you like to travel more often?
What is the main reason for not travelling as often as you would want to?
When reading a travel article/blogpost, what do you look for? (Pick two max.)
What type of travel content do you prefer?
Who is your favourite travel content creator? Why?
Your answer
Do you think the content available in many travel sites and blogs inspire you to travel?
Is the content available in travel sites/blogs helpful?
Not helpful
Very helpful
What would you want to see in travel sites/blogs that would help you travel more?
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Any other remarks?
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Thank You for your Feedback!
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