Mississauga East — Cooksville Constituency Youth Council (MEC-CYC) - Application Form
Please submit your application by November 30th to be considered for the Mississauga East-Cooksville Constituency Youth Council. The age range eligibility to apply is 15 - 24 years of age. If you have questions, please contact Peter.Fonseca@parl.gc.ca

Remember to 'like' the CYC Facebook page to stay connected to CYCs across the country! https://www.facebook.com/cyc2017cjc/

This year, you have the opportunity to apply to the following positions, keeping in mind that these positions require an additional 3 hour commitment every week.

Communication Liaison
• Coordinate with MP office to help manage social media
• Help write emails, notes, and social media messaging
• Create creative ways to promote the projects of the year

Internal Liaison
• Organize meetings
• Take minutes during meetings
• Create required documents (ex. Google doc, excel sheets) and track progress

Project Lead
• Organize and facilitate a project throughout the year
• Coordinate all teams to achieve the council's goal
• Ensure deadlines and goals are achieved

Research Liaison
• Help research topics and issues of interest and report on these issues to the council
• Find local stakeholders depending on the projects chosen by the CYC

Council Member at Large (recommended for first year council members)
• Provide a perspective to both the Member of Parliament as well as the Council
• Help the council maintain relationships with the community
• Help develop the community projects

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