Strictly Electric: Test for Head of Technology
Please attempt the following test to the best of your abilities to apply for this position at Strictly Electric.
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Please upload your resume to your google drive in PDF format and share the link below. Please make sure you have given public access to view the resume.
Please mention all the skills and experience you have that makes you an ideal candidate for this role. *
Lets say a customer wants to convert his/her Pulsar 220 CC to electric. He/she wants a range of 60 kms and a top speed of around 70 kms. Describe the process to achieve this. Please list all the specific components needed for this conversion along with where you could buy these components. *
In the above question, what will be the total cost of conversion? Please provide a break down of the costing as well *
In the above mentioned scenario, please suggest a supply chain for all the components needed. Make sure that 60 percent of all the components used are Indian and stick to the budget you have suggested in the above question. *
You need to diagnose the fault in the controller of an electric scooter. You only have a micrometer to do this. How will you accomplish this task effectively? *
Describe 3 types of batteries used in electric vehicles with as much detail as possible *
Describe 3 types of motors used in electric vehicles in as much detail as possible *
What are the types of controllers used in electric scooters? *
What is pedal assist technology? *
Describe one quality control method for batch production in detail *
What according to you is the biggest problem with electric 2 wheelers currently available in India and what is the solution? *
Lets say we are launching an electric cycle which is under the speed limit of 25 kmph. What is the legal compliance needed to do this? *
Lets say we are launching a conversion kit to convert petrol two wheelers to electric. What is the legal compliance needed to do this? Please specify all the steps needed *
What is the protocol to test the quality of 250w BLDC hub motors? *
What is the protocol to test the quality of a 5 Amp 36 volt battery with 21700 li-ion cells? *
What battery cell chemistry would you suggest if we want to provide ultra fast charging for an electric bicycle. Justify your answer. *
Consider all factors like availability of the vendors, costing while giving your answer
Please create a short video resume/pitch for yourself and share it. You can upload it to google drive or as a private video on YouTube and share the public link below with view access. *
You basically have to record yourself answering the following questions; 1. Tell us about yourself 2. Why do you want to work with us? 3. What value can you add to our company? 4. Why you are the best candidate for this role?
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